M.I. Hummel We Build a Treehouse

M.I. Hummel We Build a Treehouse

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Galerista presents the original M.I. Hummel figurine "We Build a Treehouse."

This precious Hummel figurine is handcrafted exclusively for you.

Made by master craftsmen and carefully painted by hand.

Each piece is unique!

Only traditional craftsmanship can bring out the charm of the globally admired M.I. Hummel children so masterfully. Each individual figurine is made of cold-cast porcelain. Only this material is capable of depicting the smallest details and nuances in a lifelike manner. So, it takes a lot of experience and craftsmanship to make the Christmas happiness of our M.I. Hummel figurines so lifelike. Each M.I. Hummel figurine "We Build a Treehouse" is made especially for you! It is therefore a genuine one-of-a-kind piece that will delight many generations to come!

A hand-painted treasure full of warmth and harmony!

Each "We Build a Treehouse" figurine is modelled with heart-warming details, and hand-painted in warm earth tones. The warm colors so appreciated by Maria Innocentia Hummel make each Hummel child look so enchantingly alive and delicate - just like in real life.

Delivery includes a certificate of authenticity and M.I. Hummel floor painting. "We Build a Treehouse" is not available in stores, but only at Galerista.