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Galerista is run by Sammlergalerie GmbH & Co KG, based in Germany. Since we founded our company 35 years ago, we have gradually become the market leader for exclusive jewellery and collectible items in Germany, currently serving more than 150,000 customers. We are proud to supply our high-quality products to eight European countries in total. No matter whether you live in Germany, France, Italy, Spain, the Netherlands, Finland, Portugal, the Czech Republic or Luxembourg, Galerista delivers exclusive jewellery, enchanting Hummel figurines and high-quality collectible Steiff bears right to your doorstep.

Our exquisite range of jewellery leaves nothing to be desired. From classic elegance to modern trends, here you can find the perfect item of jewellery that radiates your personality. Make your loved one’s eyes shine with our personalised jewellery or give your look the finishing touch with quality you can see and feel. Our online shop presents a charming selection of high-quality jewellery and unique pieces with precious gold and sparkling gemstones – ideal as delightful romantic gifts.

Fans of Hummel figurines will find real treasures in our range. Each figurine tells its own story and exudes a comfortingly nostalgic atmosphere with its enchanting design. Whether as a collector’s item or a gift idea, the lovingly created Hummel figurines captivate the young and old alike.

For collectors, we offer a select range of collectible Steiff bears. The famous “Button in Ear” companions have been synonymous with excellent quality and unmatched joy for generations. Become immersed in the magic of the Steiff brand, which encompasses not only toys but genuine works of art, created for the hearts of discerning collectors.

DollsGalerista also offers you an exclusive selection of top-class collectible dolls. Each doll is carefully selected to meet the highest standards and inspire collectors with unique pieces. Whether for experienced doll collectors or as the perfect gift for fans of high-quality craftsmanship, our dolls from LLorens, Schildkröt, Paola Reina and Antonio Juan are sure to enchant you.

Discover the world of Galerista and be inspired by our products. We look forward to welcoming you as one of our valued customers!