Siren of the Sea Blue Topaz & Diamond Pendant

Siren of the Sea Blue Topaz & Diamond Pendant

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2.6 carat topaz, 7 genuine diamonds, 14 carat gold plated chain

A majestic pendant featuring a stunning 3.5 carat Blue Topaz!

Certain gemstones have a mysterious, almost hypnotic appeal that sets them apart. Such is the case with the sparkling blue topaz which is the December birthstone. Its naturally vibrant color tempts the eye like no other. Now, you can give your special someone a spectacular pendant that captures the star power of blue topaz and actually enhances it with the showstopping glitter of diamonds. Presenting the Siren of the Sea Blue Topaz & Diamond Pendant.

As the focal point of this exceptional pendant our designers chose a pear-shaped sea blue topaz that’s a generous 3.5 carats in weight! This natural beauty is dazzling in size and simply glows with a deep, intense color. Then, this superb stone is mounted in a luminous 14kt gold-plated setting and framed with seven sparkling diamonds. A 46 cm, 14kt gold-plated chain is also included. Without a doubt, this pendant is the very definition of an attention getter!

Item comes in Galerista jewelry case and certificate of authenticity.

Material & Dimensions:
2.6 Carat Topaz
7 Genuine Diamonds
14 Carat Gold-Plated Chain
Chain Length: 46 cm
Pendant Size: 2.5 cm