M.I. Hummel Home from the Harvest
M.I. Hummel Home from the Harvest

M.I. Hummel Home from the Harvest

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A journey into childhood with M.I. Hummel.

Be enchanted by the three happy Hummel children and their animal friends. They are full of pride, they were allowed to help with the harvest today. Now it's time to head home for some well-deserved refreshments. I wonder what fine treats mother has packed for her good little helpers? The lunch basket is full to bursting, now it's time to find a nice spot for the picnic. But wait, better not here! Two cackling geese have something against it! Surely the cheeky little animals want to have a crumb! "Push on quickly"... the little bumblebee girl urges her strong companion and holds the faithful Teddy safely in her arms.

For the anniversary exclusively available at your Galerista!

With our M.I. Hummel "Thanksgiving" figurine, you will receive a masterful work of art that will delight right away. 20 cm high and 24.5 cm wide, this figure is strictly limited to 2,500 created for your collection, which you should not miss! The detailed, teasing white geese, the cute flower necklace in the hair of the cheerful Hummel girl... the little dog that can be pushed joyfully... A masterpiece, crafted with the purest precision by the master modelers in a limited edition!

Sister Maria Innocentia's works of art represent the worldwide success of Hummel figurines - and have done so for over 80 years. Each figurine is made of cold-cast porcelain. Only this material is able to represent the smallest details and nuances lifelike. It takes a lot of experience and craftsmanship to realize the loveliness of our three M.I. Hummel children and their companions. They have all been masterfully modeled by hand and hand-painted in the preferred warm colors of Sister Maria Innocentia Hummel.

Product Specifications:
Height: 20 cm
Width: 24 cm