Steiff Freddie Mercury Teddy Bear (Copy)

Steiff Freddie Mercury Teddy Bear (Copy)

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This is how we know and love Freddie Mercury...

...he stands in the spotlight in the middle of the stage and the audience celebrates him frenetically!

Freddie Mercury was one of rock’s most flamboyant frontmen, a natural showman with a vast array of fabulous stage costumes. Some of his most memorable were worn during the European leg of Queen’s “Day At The Races” tour in 1977.

During these concerts Freddie appeared in several full-length bodysuits inspired by his love of ballet and the legendary dancer Nijinsky. These flexible outfits made it easy for Freddie to move freely around the stage giving his all to his performance. Perhaps his most famous of all was ‘The Harlequin’, a striking black and white chequered bodysuit with a plunging neckline that bared his chest. It’s this iconic look that inspired Steiff – inventors of the teddy bear – to create Freddie Mercury – Harlequin. 

The Freddie Mercury teddy bear by Steiff is released in a strictly limited edition (Limited edition 1977 pieces worldwide/ Size: 27 cm).

Considering the singer's cult status around the world, this is an incredibly small edition, making this bear a rare collector's item forever.