Celestia Ring
Celestia Ring

Celestia Ring

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Größe:50 (15,9)
You have certainly never seen a ring with such magnificent sparkle!

The central pure-white simulated diamond, which boasts 100 facets is the secret behind the unique brilliance of this 14 carat gold plated ring.sparkles. Another 14 sparklers grace the shoulders of the ring in luxurious 14kt gold-plated settings.

100 Facets - The secret behind the sparkle!
A traditional brilliant-cut diamond has 33 facets on the top and 24 on the bottom. But the Celestia has 37 on the top and an incredible 63 on the bottom. This achieves a dazzling brightness by minimizing the escape of light and maximizing the spread more powerfully than ever before. It’s quite literally many cuts above the rest! Miraculously, these gemstones are man-made, yet they surpass the intense sparkle of real diamonds at many times the price. Diamonisse stones look so similar to real diamonds that only you will know the difference.

Item comes in Galerista jewelry case and certificate of authenticity.

Material & Dimensions:
24 Carat Gold-Plated
Diamonisse Stones