A Dozen Roses Necklace

A Dozen Roses Necklace

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24 carat gold plated, Swarowski Crystals

A creation of pure romance.
  • This stunning 24kt gold-plated necklace is crafted in a stylish Y-shape and features twelve exquisitely detailed roses, perfectly capturing their lush crimson beauty.
  • Linking the roses is an artfully designed 24kt gold-plated vine of delicate "leaves" — each one gleaming with a crystal.
  • For a final romantic touch, a single rose framed within a heart flows gracefully from the chain.

A bouquet of red roses says more than a thousand words!
They are THE symbols of love and deep affection. Our exquisite "A Dozen Roses" necklace is adorned with 12 fully bloomed red roses. In addition, the 24 karat gold plated necklace features filigree petals studded with crystals. A beautiful piece of jewelry that exudes pure romance.

Item comes in Galerista jewelry case and certificate of authenticity.

Material & Dimensions:
24 Carat Gold-Plated
Chain Length: 46 cm