Diamonisse Eternity Ring - Gold

Diamonisse Eternity Ring - Gold

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Größe:50 (15,9)
Over 3 carats of exquisite sparkle!
  • This stunning ring offers a dazzling array of Diamonisse simulated diamonds, so radiant they are virtually indistinguishable from the real thing.
  • Over 3 carats of glittering Diamonisse treasures are meticulously hand-set into a striking gold-tone band for maximum sparkle.
  • With a total diamond equivalent of over three carats, this ring will turn heads wherever you go!
Every woman deserves to look dazzling.
With its dramatic sparkle, radiance and rarity, it’s no wonder that the diamond is the most desirable gem in the world. But who can afford such elegance? Now you can! Our expert jewelers have hand-set shimmering Diamonisse simulated diamonds with all the brilliance, intensity and majesty of genuine diamonds — in a rich gold-tone band. That’s the equivalent of more than 3 carats of diamond sparkle, but at a fraction of the cost. You simply must see it to believe it!

Item comes in Galerista jewelry case and certificate of authenticity.

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